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Express all sides of your experience

When I’m painting from my authentic self, I am in my heart, trusting, totally free. I lose track of time and space. I experience this wonderful feeling of being aligned with myself in a way that shuts out the chaos of everyday life, and allows perspective on what’s truly important to come through.

Access underlying emotions

Creativity allows you to connect to the inner quiet you and release blocks, the things that hold you back. We all have trouble being who we really are, one of the ways we can learn how to find our true selves is through making things.  

By listening to your shadow self, find your true self

I want to support you in this process because I believe it is extremely powerful to create something that is literally an extension of you  - to put it out there as something you can see, touch, feel, show, share, talk about, or keep just for yourself. The real goal is for you to improve your relationship with yourself so that you can be aligned and have an open heart in all areas of your life.

Be you

Whenever we talk, behave, or create, in a way that we THINK is what another person wants to hear, we are not only betraying our authenticity, we’re underestimating our capacity to make real connections with ourselves and others.

Get what’s eating at you, out

Fear is at the base of everything that holds us back.  When we look directly into that fear, put it down on paper by making it into a book, drawing, or painting, we can literally roll it up, close the book, or put it away, no longer carrying it within us.  When we address the darkness and create from there we can release some of the pain and begin to heal. We learn to see and accept ourselves fully, no longer needing anyone or anything else to make us whole, or valid.  

Come create with me and find your way!

Deborah Hake Brinckerhoff

Deborah Hake Brinckerhoff


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